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Brainstorming for Alexa Skill Creation

Often customers need ideas, suggestions and orientation as to what an Alexa Skill would be able to do. We can help you to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of an Alexa Skill concept. We give expert opinions based on years of experience in Alexa Skill Usability and Alexa Skill User Navigation. The goal of brainstorming is to check whether an Alex Skill project is feasible in terms of expectations, goals, costs, resources and timings.

Rough Concepts for Alexa Skill Creation

After carrying out the brainstorming, alongside a feasibility analysis, the first “rough concept” is developed. Then a table or a flow chart with all possible outcomes and results (including error cases) is created. Based on this, various options for the creation of the Alexa Skill, including interaction schemes, become clear. We do not only consider the initial development of the Skill, but also of the changes that may come at a later date.

Alexa Skill Programming / Alexa Skill Implementation

Once the rough concept is in place it is time to program the Skill. Depending on how large or small the task, or the overall scope of the project, we will create your Alexa Skill in 2 to 8 weeks. Experience has shown that simple Skills (see the list of basic Skills here) do not take more than 2 weeks including intensive testing. For complex Skills, where your IT, legal, data protection, and other departments are involved, or firewalls and other security issues are not easy to solve, it may take more than 6 or 8 weeks.

Publish Alexa Skill for Developer or Beta Mode

Of course, Alexa Skills can be used without certification, but this is only possible in developer or beta mode. In both cases, the Skill is only available to you and a limited number of users, and does not appear in the Alexa Skill Store.                                   

Alexa Skill Certification

The biggest hurdle when creating an Alexa Skill is the certification for the Amazon Alexa Store. Experience has shown that Amazon Alexa certification team may well suggest changes. We will then take care of the process and make the improvements required for the aspects raised.  We may have to consult you before we send the Skill for the certification a second time. This will happen, for example, when certain critical changes have to be made, without which the Amazon Alexa certification team will not certify the Skill for release.

Alexa Skill Promotion

You will know that even the best website and application will not be considered successful if no-one finds them, or if they are not known. That is precisely what we should avoid. Already in the brainstorming meeting we will have discussed the “Alexa Skill Promotion” activities and requirements. We have strong partners (Partner Link) who support us in successfully promoting Alexa Skills. Whether it be digital marketing measures,  influencer marketing, or even print ads we have the best “Alexa Skill Promotion” plan for you.

Alexa Skill Changes

Certain information in the Alexa Skill needs to be maintained, regularly. You may also want to expand or adapt the original concept after the launch. We are happy to carry out all these changes for you. At the brainstorming meeting we will have talked with you about the longer-term aspects such as “post-certification” updates.

Take Over Your Existing Alexa Skill

Do you already have an Alexa Skill, and would you like us to maintain the Skill? We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities and the process required. We can help with an agency change or a service provider change. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the “Alexa Skill takeover process”.The same process and procedure as is also followed for Google Assistant Actions and Samsung Bixby Capsule.