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Voice Marketing solutions for healthcare industry

Technology and technological development do not always have to be destructive but, of course, new technologies can fundamentally change consumer and user behaviour. However, if you think about such changes ahead of time, and adapt to them, you will be moving in a “contemporary” way. The advance of Voice Assistants is a development that will fundamentally change consumer behaviour, communication exchange, and the whole user journey –in the healthcare sector as well. We support you in making the right decisions for your health voice marketing activities.

Help patients in their day-to-day routine

Deliver value-add by assisting the patients and their relatives in their day to day routine. The best use cases include:

  • Tips and guidance for general Healthcare Information, First Aid, Fitness, and Home Healthcare
  • Reminders for medication & appointments
  • Supporting and becoming the movement trainer, meditation trainer, yoga trainer etc.

Make content available to the Voice Assistant & smart speaker users

Voice Assistant and smart speakers are new touchpoints, including for Point of Information and Point of Sales in the user journey.  Be present and reach your target group in this new media & marketing arena with your contents. The best use cases are:

  • With healthcare podcasts, interviews, news, and updates
  • Make your website information available to the Voice Assistant and smart speaker users
  • Interactive contents such as “Check your health knowledge” and/or eLearning

Be the first mover with “out-of-the-box” ideas

Are you thrilled about being the first, or one of the firsts, with voice-based product offers in your industry? You can offer a completely different level of convenience to your customers and potential customers. The best use cases include:

  • Voice-based product sample ordering
  • Voice-based sweepstakes
  • Voice-based surveys and market research, with real-time measurement