Seo & Voice Search Optimization for Healthcare

Success through consistent voice search optimization.

Don’t miss out on the future. Be part of the next big technology advance, Voice Search!
We will accompany you on this new journey, and design alongside you new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and processes, to be with supporting your website or online shop with voice search SEO and voice search optimizations at the heart of it.

By 2020, every second search will be voice-based. This changed mobile search behaviour also affects SEO for voice search. It is now time to adapt your own SEO measures to Voice Search so as not to disappear into the crowd.

The differences between Voice Search and Text Search?

In contrast to the text-based search, which mainly searches with short keywords (“short head”), voice search queries are based on complete sentences (“long tail”). Since Voice Assistants communicate in exactly the same way as with another person, users primarily ask complete questions that usually begin with who, where, how, what, etc.

When designing websites, care should be taken to be able to provide direct answers to specific questions. The answers should also be formulated accordingly so that they can be read by digital Voice Assistants. It is important to adapt to the language style of the user because a natural language style has a positive effect on the user experience.

To make it as easy as possible for the search engines, schema markups should also be used, which “explain” the content of the website to the search engines.

In order to meet the questions of the users, there are also so-called “FAQs” that answer “who-how-what-questions” directly. This provides the ability to put many of the questions that are often (frequently) asked together on one page, and it increases the chances of being recognised and read as the most relevant result of searches by Voice Assistant’s search queries.

Customize SEO strategies for voice search.

We will advise you in detail on how to make your website or e-commerce shop fit for voice-controlled searches. Optimise your websites with us and be ready for the future with Voice Search.

You would like to optimise your SEO measures for voice search?

We will gladly advise you and help you in a voice search SEO strategy for your website. Also try BSRE, the voice search module for your website that allows your visitors to search your website with voice commands.