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Scott Tunnix

Scott Tunnix | Voice Over Artist for your Voice Marketing requirements

With a neutral British accent and a youthful, engaging style of delivery Scott ( will help you connect with your audience and bring your project to life. His voice has been heard all over the world on TV & radio, in corporate and web films, e-learning courses, animation and video games. Try out his voice for your voice assistant podcast contents, interviews, content reading, Voice based eLearning and other Voice Marketing products. As a dynamic and versatile voiceover professional he is able to perform in a wide range of styles, tones and characters to suit your project's needs. Get in touch to discuss your next Voice Marketing project today.

Kontor Digital Media

KDM Kontor Digital Media Digital | Media & Marketing Specialist

KDM deals with the complexity, diversity and dynamics of the Digital Media world with many years of experience and expertise. From classic display flights to search engine marketing to unique influencer campaigns - Kontor Digital Media covers the digital media activities for Healthcare companies holistically and thinks ahead for its customers. Meet the experts with Healthcare & Pharma expertise combined with Digital Media expertise.