Guidelines for Your Alexa Skill

There are many reasons as to why pharmaceutical companies or healthcare professionals may wish to have an Alexa Skill.  If you want to develop your own Alexa Skill, the “The Voice Marketer” guidelines will help you.


There could be a number of reasons as to why your company, brand or product needs an Alexa Skill. You may already have a good idea of how Voice Assistants can be used, or you might just be keen to adopt this new and increasingly popular technology as early as possible, staying ahead of your competitors, exploring the capabilities and seeing how your target groups can interact with your services.

Therefore it is important to list all of your goals, and the priorities around them.


Different Alexa Skills can have various complexities. A simple Skill whereby Alexa just reads information from your website does not take as long to develop as, for example, having a Skill with eCommerce ordering functionalities – or rather, vCommerce!

The more stakeholders involved in the project (i.e. legal, IT, data privacy department etc.), the longer the coordination will take. Plan at least 2 weeks to 3 months for basic and advanced Skills respectively.


The development of a bespoke Alexa Skill doesn’t need to break the bank. Prices start from around €3,000 euros for basic Skills and costs naturally increase for more complex Skills which have additional functionalities.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you with a budget assessment. If you are considering creating a combination of Alexa Skills in addition to Google Actions, much of the technical work is the same and so this is always reflected in the costs for multi-platform projects.


Whilst creating an Alexa Skill is relatively cost-efficient, it is highly recommended that you allocate enough of your budget to Skill promotion. An amazing, well developed and creative Skill isn’t at all useful if the target group doesn’t even know it exists!

You will probably need to invest a significant amount of your budget in promotional activities, maybe even more than you have planned for Skill creation.